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Vacation Houses

Or Residential

Mobile Houses

Easy to Position

Being a tiny home on a chassis, it can be moved and positioned on any land without needing a placement permit.

Low Costs

Mobile tiny homes are the perfect choice if you want to live a dynamic life without spending a lot of money or quickly get a vacation home.

Vacation Houses with Foundation

Perfect for Any Season

Enclosed, waterproof, insulated, heated, solar ventilated and with air circulation. Tested in extreme climates with a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Easy Building Permit

Environmentally friendly, harmonized colors and certified fire-retardant materials contribute to a simplified building permit process.

Residential Houses without Land

5 Year Warranty

Up to 5 years warranty. We ensure the highest quality structures with rigorous quality checks. In case of any issues resulting from manufacturing or material defects, we promise free repairs or replacements.

Low Maintenance Costs

Moon homes do not require major maintenance. All steel parts are anti-corrosion protected, and all other parts are treated against fire and extreme weather conditions.

Custom Houses

01. Customizable Design
02. Metal Structure
03. Permit Consultation

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